2017 Event Photos

Custer 2017

Delay the Inevitable at Fort Custer, Michigan. HRS Eastern regional tactical event. 

Stronghold 2017

WWII at Stronghold Castle in Oregon, Illinois. An all fronts events with a special re-creation of the Battle for Castle Itter, a unique situation where the German and American army joined forces to fight the SS. 

Peoria 2017

WWII Comes Alive! Peoria, Illinois. Feldlazarett GD makes camp in the cabin to show how the German medical corp commandeered buildings to make hospitals as needed throughout the war. 

Dixon 2017

WWII Recreated in Dixon, Illinois. The field hospital takes camp along a road as they follow GD across the Eastern Front. 

South Bend 2017

Salute to Veterans in South Bend, IN. A unique example of the field hospital treating both Axis and Allied troops. 

Conneaut 2017

D-Day Ohio in Conneaut, Ohio. Set on the shores of Lake Erie, the field hospital takes camp ready to treat the wounded. 

Lockport 2017

Word War II: The March to Germany in Lockport, IL. Overrun, the hospital must make the choice to flee or protect their patients. How they were treated greatly depended on who was attacking. 

Rockford 2017

WWII Event in Rockford, IL. Set in the woods, the nurses and doctors help to perform routine medical and emergency care.